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Billie Holiday "BilliesFlower"

Billie Holiday "BilliesFlower"

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Billie Holiday was one of the most influential Jazz singers of all time. Known as "Lady Day", she was discovered by John Hammond, then went on to work with Benny Goodman, recording "Your Mothers Son Inlaw" and "Riffin the Scotch"(1934). In 1935 she made several hits- "What a Little Moonlight can do" and "Miss Brown to You", and appeared with Duke Ellington in the film "Symphony In Black". In 1937 she toured with Count Basie, and then in 1938, Holiday broke ground touring with Artie Shaw, becoming the first female african american to sing with a white orchestra.

The "Gallery Wrap" canvas series, is a high quality Giclee print, on artist quality canvas, and comes with a UV coating to protect from fading and cracking.

The "Museum Mount/Plexiglas" series is produced by the legendary manhattan custom lab, Duggal. Images are printed as Digital C Prints, or Duraflex. They are then encased in Plexiglas, and professionally mounted by a team of craftsmen.

*These sizes are templates for ordering.  Due to the artistic style of these images, slight variances in height and width may occur.